Hey Coach! We figured you may have a few questions so we thought we'd try answer some of them for you!

So what is Find My Coach?

Find My Coach is a movement to help everyone find their potential. We are Australia's fastest growing online coaching platform for coaches and superstar athletes to be located and booked by anyone looking to find their potential.

How much does it cost to be apart of?

Becoming a coach on Find My Coach is 100% free and always will be. There are no signup fees or monthly fees.

So how does Find My Coach make money?

Find My Coach has a 14% commission on each session. This helps cover your insurance, payment processing and also allows us to run free sessions for the community when we can! The money is then transferred right into your account.

Do I need to be qualified?

Yes you do! Find My Coach requires all coaches to have the required working with children checks before being allowed to coach. We also have a ratings system that determines what rank you are as a coach. The more experience and/or qualifications you have the higher your rank!

How will I know when I'm being booked?

When someone wants to book you they will message you and you will receive a push notification if you have our app or an email if you don't. Simply respond by clicking the link in the email to access your real-time chat function.

Awesome! So how do I sign up?

Simply click below to register now or scroll down to see some more information on creating an awesome profile!

More questions? Ask us at info@findmycoach.net.au

Creating an awesome profile!

  1. Create a username and password - and confirm it by logging into your email

  2. Login with your username and password

  3. Set your pay rate and location

  4. Complete your personal bio and click SAVE!

  5. You're all ready to Coach!



Keep your profile professional and straight to the point!

A personal overview

A short specific sentence or paragraph about your coaching/playing history and a specialisation.

Your coaching and playing experience

Here you can provide as much detail as you like about your previous playing and coaching highlights or any coaching qualifications you have.

Your coaching expertise or specialty

Here you can showcase your specialty as a coach e.g. Basketball - Shooting

Your profile picture

No Selfies! A photo of you in action, either playing or coaching clearly showing your face is ideal.


For more information visit our Coaches FAQ