Coaching FAQ

Is there a cost to joining Find My Coach?

Being apart of the Find My Coach Family is 100% free and always will be. Downloading our app or registering online and creating a profile allows provides you with access to anyone looking to hire a coach or register for available positions at schools or sporting associations.

How much should I charge per session?

You can set your pay rate at whatever value you feel matches your experience. Important to remember Find My Coach is a marketplace and if you overvalue yourself you may miss out on clients. Conversely if you undervalue yourself you may miss out on money you could be earning. If you are unsure you can always contact us at for an extra opinion to help you correctly value yourself and ensure you get the most clients and achieve maximum client retention.

It is also important to remember that your session fee earned increases as you are hired for more sessions. Please see ‘costs for using the Find My Coach platform’.

Additional Information

1.     Please keep in mind when creating your price that there is a one off sign up fee of $15 + GST for first time clients who book you.

2.     We are also by law required to charge 10% GST for our one off sign up fee. We do not charge GST on each of our sessions. It is the responsibility of the coach to declare all earnings to the tax office.

3. Find My Coach has commission fees of between 12.9% and 20%. More information below.

Why do I need to book through the Find My Coach Platform?

For Coaches:

Below are the essential reasons for using the Find My Coach platform as a coach.

1.     Anyone who books a coach on Find My Coach agrees to a liability waiver as part of our terms and conditions to help further insure your safety in operating as a coach.

2.     Presence of mind! All coaches on coach up are covered by public liability insurance up to the value of $5million, so if something goes wrong you can feel safe knowing we have your back!

3.     Booking through the Find My Coach Platform is essential to help you generate positive reviews from clients to boost your total number of sessions completed. This allows your total session fee received to increase. It only takes 20 sessions to max out and receive 95% of your session fee.

4.     Avoiding disputes! We can easily refund or reschedule a session for you if your client doesn’t show up, and provide a communication network to help notify clients if you are unable to make a booked session.

5.     Use Find My Coach as a marketing tool! Remember we are here to help you. By using our platform we can provide you with free marketing tools to help generate as much coaching income as possible.

6.     Automated payments. No cash no worries! Get the money transferred to your bank within 3 days of completing a session. No need to awkwardly ask for your money or watch a client run away before they pay!

Can I just accept cash payments from clients?

In signing up to Find My Coach you agree as part of our T&C’s for all bookings with clients to be handled using the online Find My Coach platform. All clients are required to pay using our online payments system via debit or credit card.

If someone tries to pay you in cash it is important to inform them that the session will not be registered with Find My Coach, your coach rank will not increase, you as a coach are not covered and their money is not secure if the session cannot be completed.

In circumventing the system you are no longer covered by our insurance or liability waivers agreed to by clients when booking through the platform.

Coaches found out to be circumventing the system could be suspended from the Find My Coach Family.

How can I attract the most customers?

There are a few ways you can maximise the chances of being hired as coach!

Ask us for a shout out!

·      We are always seeking to help the coaches who are apart of the Find My Coach Family. We will happily give you a shout out on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page to help promote you as a coach. We can also provide a direct link for people to click to hire you!

Create a professional looking profile

Start with a great profile picture!

a.     High quality image (not to small or it will be blurry!)

b.     Clear headshot photo (e.g. passport style, but make sure to smile!)

c.      Clear photo of you in action (make sure we can see your face)

d.     Avoid group photos or selfies.

1.     Personal Overview

This is what people will see in their search results. Include a short specific sentence or paragraph about your coaching/playing history and a specialisation. Avoid vague generalisations to help yourself standout from the pack! See some examples below

                                               i.     Basketball - E.g. Ex NBL Player for 2010-2013 with 8 years coaching experience in the NSW Basketball Programs with expertise in ball handling and guard skills.

                                              ii.     Rugby - I have conducted private and team sessions for past 4 years and am a current professional player for “X” with a specialty in tackling technique

                                            iii.     Soccer - Current Coach at club “X” for team “Y” with coaching experience at Victorian High performance programs and clinics focusing on striker skills and development.

2.     Coaching and playing experience

Here you can provide as much detail as you like about your previous playing and coaching highlights. It may help to split up both your coaching and playing experience separately. We recommend whichever your forte to place first. If you have more experience playing over coaching put your coaching credentials first.

Coaching Experience

Note: Don’t be too broad or vague with statements like, “I have been coaching for years for many different teams”.

a.     Be as specific as possible to help add credibility to your profile. Provide teams or associations you are apart of registered with and any coaching certificates you may have or courses you have completed.

e.g. Level 1 NSW Basketball Coach, Manly Warringah Basketball Association, St Luke’s Grammar School, Harbord Public School etc.

b.     Provide details of any players or teams you have coached who have gone to achieve great success or significance in their playing careers.

e.g. I have helped develop many young players with my most recent client (14 year old player) making the NSW State Team and winning a silver medal at the Australian Championships. I am currently a Level 2 NSW Basketball Coach and coach the U16W team at Manly Warringah Basketball Association.

Playing Experience

You may be new to coaching but have a fantastic understanding of the game and have years of experience you know can help you be a fantastic coach. As a result it is also important to be specific about:

·      where you played? e.g. professional, amateur

·      who for? e.g. club or association?

·      what you achieved playing?

·      what position did you play?

·      what was your strengths? And how that adds to your coaching abilities

e.g. I have played Rugby Union at a high level since I was 9 years old. Playing with the Newport Breakers winning multiple junior titles, before moving to play with the Warringah Rats in the Shute Shield competition. Playing predominantly as a winger most of my career, I was a top 5 try scorer in the Shute Shield during my tenure playing. My major highlight was a stint with the NSW Waratahs during 2015 where I made my debut against the Queensland Reds as a winger scoring a try in my debut game.

Coaching Expertise

Here you can put information about your expertise as a coach or what you specialise in coaching. This may refer to a specific position or skill. You may also want to include information on your session plan.

·      e.g. I specialise in developing the shooting mechanics and shot preparation skills of young basketball players. Our sessions will predominantly focus on ensuring the athlete has the correct techniques to maximise shooting range and accuracy. We will begin with the keys to shot preparation and then move towards moving away from the hoop. I also look to develop ball-handling skills to allow athletes to develop the ability to create space to get their shot off.

·      As always avoid generalisations and comments that aren’t of relevance.

By utilising these steps you can ensure you give yourself the best chance possible to be hired on a regular basis by parents and/or athletes looking to achieve!

Are there costs for using the Find My Coach platform?

In order to continually update our platform and market to the national audience Find My Coach charges a small commission at the end of each session. We want to minimise the amount deducted from each coach and maximise the clients and the coaches return. The total percentage earned of your session fee changes based on your reviews from clients depicted in your star rating.

5 Star Review = 87.1% of session fee earned ( or 12.9% fee)

4 Star Review = 85% of session fee earned ( or 15% fee)

3.5 stars or less = 80% of session fee earned ( or 20% fee)

How is my star rating calculated?

Your star rating is calculated as an average of all your sessions that you have coached. if you have not coached a session your beginning rank is based on your Find My Coach Rank. e.g. Hall of Fame, Superstar etc...

e.g. If after your first session you receive a 5 star rating and after your second session you receive a 3 star rating you average star rating would be 4 Stars. 

Can my Find My Coach Rank and the session percentage I receive go down?

Yes. Though your Find My Coach Rank is determined by your accreditations, numerous instances of low session reviews would lead to a reduction in ranking. This would be analysed on a case by case basis. The key is to maintain the highest quality session possible and ask your clients to rank you accordingly after each session.

By maintaining the highest quality session you will earn the highest possible session fee.

5 Star Review = 87.1% of session fee earned

4 Star Review = 85% of session fee earned

3.5 stars or less = 80% of session fee earned

Do I need to provide a location for my coaching?

Yes, Find My Coach does not book training facilities for you. It is important you take into account potential weather hazards, or how busy your training location might be if it is a public venue. If you are stuck in finding a facility or location to coach please email us at and we can do our best to help you out.

Do I need to provide my own equipment for the coaching session?

Yes, Find My Coach does not provide you with any equipment for your coaching session. Be sure to organise all your equipment necessary prior to the day of your session. Find My Coach is not liable for any damaged or stolen equipment that may be incurred during or as a result of your session. REMEMBER people hire you for you, not for how many cones or witches hats you can layout on the field or court. Be sure to showcase your skills, coaching expertise and knowledge.

How often will I be paid for the coaching sessions I complete?

Find My Coach will deposit the income earned from your coaching sessions every Monday. Due to required time for transactions between banks, this usually means your revenues will be made visible each Wednesday or Thursday. If you have any enquiries or think a mistake has been made please email us at

Multiple Trainees

What if I have a session with 2 or more people?

If someone books you with multiple trainees that's fantastic! That means more money per session for you! Find My Coach has a flat discount rate of 30% per extra trainee e.g. if your session fee is $100 for 1 person, but a parent books for 2 people to be coached they will each pay $70. So your total for the session will be $140. Similarly if 5 people book for a 1hr session they will each pay $70 and your total session fee will be $70x5 = $350 for the hour.

Being booked for multiple sessions

What if someone books me for more than 1 sessions upfront e.g. 3 or 6 or 10? 

That's fantastic! That means they love your coaching ability and want to lock you in! Find My Coach offers an upfront discount for booking multiple sessions. Clients will receive a 5% discount for booking 6 sessions upfront and a 10% discount for booking 10 sessions upfront. 

We understand that circumstances can change after the first session, so we ask you can your client to confirm post 1st session times as you go. Simply use our live chat application to connect with them at any stage. Once a session is completed we will then be in contact with you and your client to ensure they are satisfied and you are paid on time.
For further information please contact us at