Schools FAQ

Are the coaches safe?

  • We always ask our coaches for their WWCC number to send directly to you, however sometimes a coach doesn't have one yet. As a result we always recommend schools confirm a coaches WWCC as per below.
  • Schools should always when requesting a coach for recruitment head to to verify any employees Working With Children Check Application (WWCC) conducted by the NSW government or the respective state body.
  • Any extra additional paperwork or admin required by the school would need to be provided to the coach directly by the school. 

How does Find My Coach work for schools?

  • Find My Coach specially caters towards schools/associations and there sports programs by doing all the hard searching for them.
  • The school/association need only fill out their preferences e.g. number of coaches, sport, pay rate, number of sessions a week etc...
  • Find My Coach will then create a list of available coaches of which you can choose from OR Find My Coach can simply organise a definite coach should you decide upon that.
  • A meeting can then be organised between the coach and school/association to secure the position and confirm any details.

How much does it cost?

  • At Find My Coach we like to keep things simple, no complicated % commissions or anything like that!

  • There is a one off sign up fee of $200 per school which will be invoiced when a school signs up to use Find My Coach

  • We have a flat rate of $60 for any coach request.

  • Billing takes place once your coaches have been locked in and confirmed. If a school has ordered 4 coaches and they have been confirmed in Term 1, at the end of Term 1 the school will be billed for $240

  • Recurring fees

    • If you loved the coach we sent you and what to keep them forever and never let them go we charge a recurring flat fee for every term that coach is used. e.g. if a basketball coach is hired just for term 4 2015, and then re-used term 4 2016 and additional $60 would be applicable, therefore total cost being $120

    • We will endeavour to contact you before each term so that you can be sure to notify us if you have maintained a relationship with the coaches we have found for you.

How are the coaches paid?

  • For schools and associations Find My Coach recommends payment be done through the PAYG system or via the ABN of the coach should they have one.
  • Please see the full Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if the coach requested doesn't work out?

  • Find My Coach takes pride in being able to service a school or associations needs as best as possible, however there can be times when late bookings mean the coaching market or database runs low and we are unable to fulfil your coaching requests. There is no time limit or expiration that you have to have selected or requested your coaches by. In the event whereby a coach has been requested, is unable to be appointed there is no charge!
  • In order for us best to be able to service your needs the earlier you request a coach the better.

Further Information

  • If you have any further questions on how Find My Coach can help please email us at