Parents FAQ

Choosing the coach that's right for me.

At Find My Coach we want to help you pick the coach that's right for you! As a result of this we have created our FMC Rankings system to list coaches based on their credentials and qualifications. Please see the graphic below for an explanation of our rankings system.

Screenshot 2017-06-22 12.09.43.png

For anymore questions surrounding our ranking system, please contact us at

Private or Group Coaching Sessions (see below for private team coaching)

How do I book a coach on Find My Coach?

Head to our homepage and click "I WANT A COACH". This will take you to  an option to understand more about Find My Coach or find a coach immediately. Then you can use our easy to use coach search engine. Type in your location and select the sport of the coach your looking for. Then just click Find My Coach and a list of coaches will appear within a 20km radius if your selected location.

From this point you can view the specific details and credentials of the coaches to find a coach that best suits what you are looking for. Once you've selected your coach we recommend you sending them a message via our real-time chat application. This way you can ask any questions you may have and confirm their availability and a location for your training session.

Once you have confirmed their availability you can select how many sessions you would like to purchase e.g. 1,3,6 or 10. You can then enter your credit card details which are secured by STRIPE. You will then be able to see your booking confirmed in your 'MY BOOKINGS' Tab on your personal dashboard.

How much does it cost to hire a coach?

Coach costs vary depending on experience and credentials. If your unsure what kind of coach you require shoot us an email at we are always here to help. On your 1st session booked there will be one off sign-up fee of $16.50 including GST. This will only occur on your first session you ever book. After your first session you will only pay the coaches fee.

Is there a cost to registering with Find My Coach?

Registering with Find My Coach as a parent is free, simply make an account and search for coaches or post a job for an open position. When booking a coach for the first time you will be charged a one off sign-up fee of $16.50 including GST. This fee is only charged for your very first session.

Why do I need to book through the Find My Coach Platform?

1.     When you book through our platform your covered by our 100% money-back guarantee if your not satisfied with your session.

2.     If you have booked using the Find My Coach Platform and your coach is a no-show we will refund you your session, or reschedule your appointment with another coach from our database, we can’t do this if you are paying cash.

3.     Reviewing your coach – your coach wants your feedback, by booking online you will receive a review form after your session is completed. This is vital to allow them to improve and increase their coaching rank to climb up the Find My Coach coaching board.

4.     By booking through our platform you can earn discounts when booking multiple sessions and save.

5.     No cash no worries, avoid having to get cash from the ATM every time you have a session, and achieve peace of mind knowing your session is all paid for and 100% guaranteed by the Find My Coach Team.

I wasn't satisfied with my session can I get a refund?

At Find My Coach we are always striving to make things right! At the end of every session, we will send you a review form so we can track the quality of our coaches and how satisfied you are with your session. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your session please contact us within 48hrs of your session for a 100% refund. We will then contact your coach to relay your feedback to help improve the quality of coaching on the Find My Coach platform.

I need to cancel my session what do I do?

If you need to cancel your session you must do so 24 hours prior to it's commencement otherwise you could be charged the session fee. To cancel your session please do the following:

  1. email us at informing us you are unable to make the session.
  2. Either text your name and cancellation or leave us a voicemail at our emergency contact number 0415218294 which is available 24/7.
  3. message your coach on the chat application to inform them as well that you need to reschedule or cancel.

If you are unable to reschedule we can hold credit for another time or provide a full refund at your discretion.

How do I review my coach?

At Find My Coach the most important thing is to maintain the highest possible standard of coaching and client experience. As a result of this we will ask for a review after each session. We will email you a link with which to fill out a review. It is very important you do this so we know which coaches are meeting and exceeding expectations and which ones aren't. 

Team Coaching Sessions

If you are looking for a coach for your local team on a regular basis for both trainings and games Find My Coach charges the greater amount of 10% or $60 per school term that the coach is used. E.g. if you pay your coach $20 a game and he/she only coaches 5 games and training you will be charged the $60 flat fee. If you pay your coach $50 per game and they coach 10 games and 10 trainings then you would be invoiced for $100 added onto the additional amount you have payed your coach.

If you have further questions please contact us at